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Web Design

Straightforward , professional design of websites, with an emphasis on quality appearance and ease of use and maintenance.

I use Microsoft Expression Studio currently, with the ability to deliver full Standards Compliant Web Design for sites that are cross compatible across all browser platforms.

There are several hosting plans available at places such as,,,, All of which have varying capability to host your site. Depending on what sort of site you envision, I will recommend the host that provides a plan that best suits your ideas.

Some Sites I have created can be found at:

Elements of Good Web Design

Clean and clear images and text, not big messy button and pop-up filled animating overload will deliver your message best.

Avoid overabundance of gee-whiz elements.

Pleasing the eye of the beholder in a calm and directive way will lead your viewers to the information you wish to present.

Don't clutter up your site with excessive advertising. Even if it is your own.

Less is More, in many respects.