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Below you will find a list of some of the services that Dragonhart Computing can provide. We will always make our best attempt to provide you with all of your needs, or point you towards another provider that can. 

Networking and Security

We provide assistance with installation of DSL, Cable, Wireless and other Networking Technology and Security items.

System Repair

We come to your place of business or your home, diagnose your Machine, and repair It.

Pick-up and Repair In-Shop

We will pick up your ailing machine, and bring it back to our shop for service and repair.

Website Design and Consultation

We will help you design a clean, appealing, and professional looking site.

Basic Computer Evaluation

We will come out, have a look at your PC, check your Processor, RAM, motherboard, Case and other essentials, and give you a report on the upgrade ability of your machine.

User Training

We can help you learn to use many types of Software and Hardware.


and much more.. give us a call at : 707-363-1429

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